Out with the old beds!

Last year we built six raised beds to kickoff our first real foray into gardening. They were made out of cedar fence pickets and, while they served their purpose for the season…they clearly weren’t going to make it much longer. The fence pickets were just too thin and had a strong tendency to warp and bow.

Also, we’re about to jump head first into the Mittleider method of gardening. We’ll be posting at length about that in the coming year, but ultimately…our beds just weren’t going to cut it for that method.

Plus…we’re doubling our gardening space. Which can only bring good things.

All that to say, it was time to clear out the area. 
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Slugs and Snails Got You Down? Use Beer and Yeast!

Pests in your garden can quickly make a good day head south really quickly. The type of pest you have will generally vary by your location and climate. One major one for a lot of people are slugs and snails.

Thankfully, The Rusted Vegetable Garden has a great tip on how to use beer and yeast to eradicate  those slimy little purveyors of doom and destruction.

Using Row Covers in the Vegetable Garden

Seedlings under cover in the spring

More and more I see gardeners using row covers on their raised beds, and the number of uses for those covers are just as varied as the folks using them. Veggie Gardening Tips has a great overview of both ways to use row covers as well as methods and fabrics for the type of covers to build.

The plants just seem to enjoy the cozy environment that row covers provide. Whether it’s the result of additional warmth, taking an edge off the intensity of sunlight, adding a little boost in humidity levels, or just reducing the amount of wind that buffets the plants; row covers are definitely good for more than just frost protection or keeping insects at bay.

First Sprouts of the Season

Took the family on an overnight camping trip and returned Saturday afternoon to find a number of our seeds we planted last weekend had sprouted!


Quite a few of our seeds broke ground…

  • Beets
  • Scallions
  • Garden Beans
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Peas

I expect we’ll have quite a few more sprouts this next week. Exciting!

Broccoli Leaves

Broccoli is definitely on my Top 10 Favorite Vegetable Leaves list. Yes. I have a list.

Cleaning Out the Winter Garden

This Winter we tried our hand (or green thumbs, as it were) at gardening some cold-weather veggies. Overall it wasn’t terribly successful, but was definitely fun growing some things we hadn’t before.

We used 4 of our 6 raised beds and planted spinach, brussels sprouts, arugula and broccoli and learned a number of things from that experience… Continue Reading

What We’re Planting This Spring



This past weekend we got kickin’ on our seeds. In total we started seeds for about 30 different fruits, veggies and herbs. But what did we plant? Here’s the rundown…
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Egg Carton Seed Starters

Until last Spring, our gardening efforts were largely misses. We had good intentions but by the end of each season, we had clearly failed. But last year was different.

I don’t know exactly what we did that was different, but for whatever reason, it “worked.” Our vegetable garden grew like crazy, and while we didn’t quite get the harvest we had hoped, it was a major, positive learning experience. And if we’ve learned anything over the years of failed and successful attempts at gardening, it’s that you always start the next season better than the one before it.

So, we decided that for this summer’s garden, instead of buying starter plants from Home Depot, we’d start from seeds. And that’s what we did today. Continue Reading

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