Cleaning Out the Winter Garden

This Winter we tried our hand (or green thumbs, as it were) at gardening some cold-weather veggies. Overall it wasn’t terribly successful, but was definitely fun growing some things we hadn’t before.

We used 4 of our 6 raised beds and planted spinach, brussels sprouts, arugula and broccoli and learned a number of things from that experience…

  • Broccoli is neato to grow, but you’ve gotta keep an eye out because that thing will bloom into a full bouquet of flowers overnight.
  • Arugula grows like a weed. If you don’t prune it regularly, it’ll get 3-4 feet tall in no time. Also, arugula doesn’t actually taste good.
  • Of the half dozen spinach plants we put in the ground, one survived. I’ll blame the dogs. Yeah. It’s their fault.
  • We knew nothing about how brussels sprouts grew, turns out they like to hide under the leaves of the plant, and a single plant has TONS of the little boogers.

At any rate, this past weekend, in preparation for redoing out entire garden area with new raised beds, we had to start clearing out the winter garden plants. It was absolutely perfect weather and we got a ton done. Two of six raised beds cleared out.