Out with the old beds!

Last year we built six raised beds to kickoff our first real foray into gardening. They were made out of cedar fence pickets and, while they served their purpose for the season…they clearly weren’t going to make it much longer. The fence pickets were just too thin and had a strong tendency to warp and bow.

Also, we’re about to jump head first into the Mittleider method of gardening. We’ll be posting at length about that in the coming year, but ultimately…our beds just weren’t going to cut it for that method.

Plus…we’re doubling our gardening space. Which can only bring good things.

All that to say, it was time to clear out the area. 

Unfortunately for me, it meant shoveling out the dirt for all six beds and wheelbarrowing it a good 40 yards to where I wanted to dump it.

Compost Pile

I hurt for days, but it was worth it as we’ve got a nice clear spot to start expanding the area!

Cleared Raised Beds

Raised Beds

Cleared Raised Beds

Cleared Raised Beds
Cleared Raised Beds

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