The Great Exodus: From Egg Cartons to Plastic Seed Trays

A couple of weeks ago I spent most of a Saturday getting our egg carton seed starters set up. If only they had worked as I’d planned…

Within a couple of days we started noticing how hard it was to keep the dirt even remotely damp. After a little bit of research, we found that the egg cartons themselves were soaking up all the water, leaving none for the dirt and our precious seeds! And once our seedlings had sprouted, we really started seeing the effects…our poor sprouts kept getting pitiful and wilted.

Wilted Seedlings

We were having to constantly water them, which in turn was making our egg cartons turn to mush (many of them tore and started falling apart when we’d move them around to water them).

So, we made the decision to transition all of our seedlings to plastic trays that will be much more stable and can be reused for at least a couple of seasons.

While looking for some trays, I stumbled upon Greenhouse Megastore…and my gosh. So. Much. Great. Stuff!

We did an initial order of 360 2″x2″ seed tray inserts plus ten seed trays to hold all of those inserts. The inserts come in sheets, so they’re really easy to handle, and the trays made it easy to move all of them around.

Seed Trays

I got myself a little system setup, and then started the process of transplanting all of our seedlings. It was really tedious (took two afternoon to do it), but I also took the opportunity to thin out each little bunch of seedlings (or spread them out to have more plants).

We went from around 120 starters to nearly 350 since we were able to spread out the seedlings. We also planted a few additional seeds that we picked up in the past week.





Seed Closeup

Seed System

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